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Bosident down jackets are sold at “t-shirts” price

“After the arctic is very hot,” extreme heat of summer, people have fully experienced the moment some people began to “rainy day”, looking for a down jacket to prepare for the cold. But for the public, choose a suitable jacket is not easy. To address this problem, the United Qingdao Morning Post Bosideng Down-known brands, from tomorrow to launch Mid-Autumn Deals in Qingdao Daily Sunshine Hall, people need to spend a minimum of $ 99, “freezing” the price, you can buy a Heart jacket.

In previous years, the product is feather-season purchase a cost-effective choice, but this year, determined people will find anti-quarter sales down products are not many. Insiders pointed out that in fact, already this year, down product prices will rise, so many brands in the stockpile.

In order to prepare for the cold of the public to send real benefits, September 8 – October 12, Qingdao Morning joint jacket-known brand Bosideng Group, the sale will be held in Mid-Session Down in Qingdao Daily Sunshine Hall. “Annual low, just this once.” Bosideng Group, responsible person said that the sale will be full of them We not only carefully selected feather new autumn season, and come up with unique discount efforts feedback public, part jacket even the magic price promotions on sale. In addition, the public can get the best price on the scene comparable to foreign brands of high-quality goose down products.

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