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People want more down jackets

Yesterday, 10:30, reporters came to Intime Clearance. Goods here are basically partial thick winter clothing, the price is relatively affordable. Bargains at the door, next to a muffler shop. The clerk told reporters two days scarves sold particularly well on twenty-three can sell ten per day. Brushed scarf relatively warm, is a customer favorite.

“The best-selling 200 yuan, more recently, many companies come to buy a scarf, a buy is thirty-five 50 of benefits to employees for.” The clerk said.

In addition to scarves, boots plus velvet, cashmere shirts and other winter clothing sales also increased. Of course, the highest sales volume or down jacket. Intime martial arts shop office Ms. Zou told reporters, Recently Intime Deals field down inside the clothing, sell two or three hundred a day is not a problem. In order to ensure adequate supply, this week, they are in constant replenishment.

Store, several middle-aged woman down jacket is carefully chosen. One surnamed Cai said the lady, her family has a lot of down clothing, thin section has a thick section, this winter with no problems. Can hear the incoming cold, Miss Choi hurried over and want to buy pieces of thick jacket.

Lee is to replace the jacket, he prepared four winter jacket, two thin two thick. “I have the impression, not experienced such cold weather, so yesterday bought a thickening.” Lee said, because I think some small and wanted a bigger change.

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