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Riri jackets are hot on Milan Fashion Week show

Since the weekend, the Milan menswear week sustained wind blowing Military, Thom Browne also jumped into the express purpose of his expedition, but his latest series of Moncler Gamme Bleu designed a bit like a gimmick. China is a big ticket star, Regal also Qianhuhouyong, Eason Chan, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yi Feng, Wang Fei, Yang Mi and so on have become loyal fans of his house.

Dazzling the same time, we can only see the clothes design clues from the picture show, but alone can determine the point is, these male model in the show will be able to tidy up tidy up in droves to rob it! Xiao Bian really admire the designer’s bold ideas, relying on camouflage elements can play a series of more than four sets of Look is really cruel! But from beginning to end, the designers always spin around a concept: the robbers camouflage patterns plus style caps, it seems this is really a bit not very good!

There is no comparison to no harm, I thought bloated as penguins, round as Michelin Moncler down jacket, now simply a cock-like demeanor temperature both hands, both on the very Fashion Week T station, and got out of the streets, described as the fashionable one hundred Have superb ride! But if it is really missing this faint trace strands of contrast, you can feel it, how fascinating it?

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