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Some down jacket brands have been sold less and less in recent years

Through this unit discount wind yesterday, the reporter came to Chongqing Road, a major shopping malls, on the 7th floor of this mall opened a special jacket sales area. Thought, let the cold air outside the house sales atmosphere “in full swing”, but came to the 7th floor, the reporter but felt the mall’s popularity seems to be “cold” than the outdoor — the whole floor, the number of salespeople than customers still more.

“Sell well, you see people are nothing.” Down the brand a sales area of about Chan sales on a sad face. Under normal circumstances, the arctic weather jacket sales will have to enhance the role, but it seems a bit unusual this winter, sales in recent days has not improved significantly.

“Down sales season is generally October to December, this time if you catch a cold day, sales will increase. After this point in time, it lacks the impact of weather on the sales.” According to Ms. Chen said that in the January after sales Down into the off-season, especially in the spring for another one or two months, consumers are reluctant to buy a down jacket shot.

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