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There might be less down for jackets purchased online

After the winter, many people went out wrapped in a thick down jacket, and the lack of preparation of the public are also stepping up to purchase a warm jacket for themselves and their families. However, a down jacket in the store counter price of five from six hundred to eighty-nine one hundred dollars, some as high as two or three thousand, which makes the public when some new clothes, “Routeng”, they go scouring member cheap Down. But recently, Chinese feather Industry Association released a set of sampling results: 2015 double 11, double 12 during the China Feather & Down Industrial Association online sampling of two groups totaling 120 feather products, showed twice the sampling rate are qualified jacket 55 %, down 11 double pass rate of 5%, 12 bis 10%. The net result of so many people ready to buy a down jacket hesitated, this cheap and reliable jacket in the end how to choose?

“The shop sells long down jacket sales are a good three or four hundred dollars, but walked the mall to see, even had more than 500 yuan, style not as nice shop to sell short paragraph.” On Zhou, Yang workers in time before cold weather to their online shopping a down jacket, longer section price of less than $ 300, which makes Yang feel very affordable. She told reporters that he turned around at the mall found this jacket longer section of the general price at the counter in eighty-nine hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, and she spent only 280 yuan will get. However, wearing less than a week, Ms. Yang will find this jacket defects – although the style is very trendy, but after a day off from work to go home down jacket, sweater covered with small plush, various methods are difficult cleared. “While saving some money, but every day pulling small plush sweater on, it is too much trouble, but ran out of velvet, this dress also how to keep warm?”
And Yang, like many members of the public seeking only to see when online shopping jacket styles and prices, ignoring the quality of the clothes hand after the discovery of the defect, regret it was too late. According to the sampling results released by China Feather & Down Industrial Association, Down to GB / T14272-2011 “down clothing” to determine the basis, down to QB / T1193-2012 “feather duvets” as the criteria, including sampling project component analysis, fluffy degree of cleanliness, oxygen consumption, charge down the amount and species identification (product labeling goose down). Double 11, double 12 twice sampling, there are 18 filling the sample, 22.5% account for twice the number of samples; in substandard quilt, a total of 34 mainly by the fly silk, feather silk, wool terrestrial birds, raw footage , chemical fiber cotton padding, account for 85% of the total sample. These counterfeit products are not only no serious warmth, easy to drill down, but also easily lead to allergies and respiratory diseases, to adversely affect the health of consumers.

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