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Washing machine that can wash down jackets

Each family will be used in the washing machine, but in general, small clothes washing machine can also wash down jackets and other bulky clothing on beyond its capability. Especially when the washing machine for a long time, will be in the inner wall of a thick layer of residual dirt on the family’s health caused great threat, whenever the time, only to open the cleaning, very troublesome. Many housewives are asked: If my house washing machine can wash down jacket, but also no clean enough! Now Xiao Bian gave you recommend a Free TCL sewage drying machine, which is washable jacket washing machine!

Free TCL sewage drying washing machine, why a listing acclaimed it? Because it solves the biggest drawbacks of the conventional washing machine. Conventional washing machine subject to internal structural problems, has long been plagued by sewage of laundry. Wherein the inner tube at the bottom of the tripod because the long barrel placed inside and outside the washing water among the ravines between self-produced aluminum oxide rust and other heavy metal pollution, tripod base with the inner tube, the gap will be filth, this part of the remaining 70% of the dirt. If such a washing machine washing clothes, you dare to wear it to your family?

Compared with the traditional washing machine, TCL pollution-free drying machine uses a triple seal technology, tripod sealed to eliminate the gap between the inner cylinder and the trench bottom soil bacteria breeding; In addition, the machine uses a flat Free Cleaning Free inner tube bottom flat bottom tub clean design, smooth and mellow, do not stay dead, so that the washing process residues and dirt have nowhere to hide, with the immediate exclusion of water erosion. 95 heat sterilization machine-specific functions, the use of high temperature 95 purely physical sterilization technology to remove washing the inner cylinder common E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other pathogens, laundry truly healthy, family health care!

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